DIY - how we're different

We meticulously create every collection to ensure it's gorgeous, easy-to-arrange and in season. We choose the freshest, premium farm fresh flowers with a touch of Maui tropical blossoms to ensure local flower diversity. We then de-thorn, process and pre-portion your flowers to include everything you'll need in your kit to save you time and money! We liken it to starting with a concept, choosing your delicate dish, then following a recipe to create your masterpiece with prepared floral ingredients! Finally, we offer you a safe, efficient design studio environment to work your creations with professional assistance! Ok, now we know your interested!

what you do

  • Arrange and Save!
  • Choose your collection
  • Choose your design date - we recommend designing your floral pieces two days before your wedding date. Include your friends and family to help in your creations. Make it a pre-wedding Maui island party!
  • Use our 2,800 foot design studio to make your DIY flowers
  • Store your flowers in our professional floral coolers
  • Choose to pick up your flowers on your wedding day, or have us deliver to your wedding venue
  • It's that easy! Maui fun with a family excursion at the same time!

how it works

  • Our designers empower you to DIY beautifully & easily
  • We stay on top of local island trends, helping you to create stunning wedding florals
  • It's not just flowers, we provide design assistance, rental vases and deliver options in Maui. 
  • You and your friends or family, use our design studio to make your DIY flowers with professional designers standing by to assist you - how easy is that!
  • After your wedding flowers are designed and finished, we'll store them in our floral coolers to ensure proper care and storage. Choose to have your flowers delivered to your wedding venue in Maui, or pick them up on your wedding day and save even more money!
  • We give you the inside scoop - we know our island venues and professionals
  • One-Stop Shop - get everything you need in one simple order
  • We provide step-by-step instructions, in person, with a professional on stand-by
  • 15 - 20 minutes on average assembly per piece
DIY Collections...coming soon!

Let us help you get started!

Send us a quick message with your flower requirements. One of our professional wedding flower designers will contact you within 72 hours. 

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