Flower Symbolizes

  • Roses - Orchids - Gingers. Roses are symbolic of love and the number one choice for most gifts and wedding flowers. The current Hawaii trend is to use roses in full bloom and mix them with orchids, gingers and local tropical foliages. 

  • DIY Event Table Centerpieces

  • Hawaiian Tropical Wedding Bouquets


Alstromeria - Devotion

Amaryllis - Splendid beauty, or pride

Anemone - Expectation

Anthurium - Hospitality

Apple Blossoms - Temptation, or hope and good fortune

Baby’s Breath - Innocence

Bird of Paradise - Joyfulness

Calla Lilly - Magnificent beauty

Camellia  -Perfect loveliness, gratitude

Carnation - Pure, deep love

Chrysanthemum - Wealth, abundance, and truth

Daffodil - Regard

Daisy - Share your feelings

Forget-Me-Not - Remembrance, or true love

Gardenia - Joy

Ginger - Diversity, tolerance and wealth.

Ivy - Fidelity; bonds of friendship and fidelity

Jasmine - Amiability, or grace and elegance

King Protea - Change & Transformation

Lily - Purity

Lily of the Valley - Happiness

Myrtle - Love

Orange & Apple Blossom - Loveliness and fertility

Orchid - Rare beauty

Peony - Bashfulness

Queen Anne’s Lace - Magic, trust, and healing

Rannunculus - Radiant Charm

Red Chrysanthemum - I love you

Red Rose - I love you, passion

Red Tulip - Love declared

Rose - Love

Rosemary - Remembrance

Stephanotis - Marital happiness

Sweet Pea - Delicate Pleasure

Tulip - Declaration of Love

White Camellia - Perfect loveliness

White Daisy - Innocence

White Lilac - First emotions of love

White Lily - Purity and innocence

White Rose - Worthiness

Yellow Tulip - Hopeless love


  • Succulents. Perfect for outdoor table centerpieces in sunny, arid climates. Use succulents in place of or in addition to fresh flowers.

  • Phalaenopsis Orchid & Rose Wedding Bouquet

  • Hawaiian Leis

  • Hair Flowers from 75 cents a blossom