Why hire a wedding planner?

Why do people hire wedding planners in the first place? Until relatively recently, most people planned their own weddings, and DIY weddings continue to be popular. Let’s explore some reasons why.

  1. Personal and Family Complications. Wedding planning is more complicated today than it was a generation ago. There are far more couples in which one or both partners have been previously married (perhaps even more than once). Sometimes there are step-children involved or whole scores of step-relatives. This creates a need for an expert who knows how to handle these situations tactfully and graciously.
  2. Confusion about Etiquette. Most people are confused about proper etiquette and procedures. They want to follow traditions, but aren’t sure how. They feel more secure with a professional on the scene.
  3. Not Enough Time. Both brides and grooms often have full-time jobs. This leaves little time for planning and carrying out detailed tasks.
  4. Destination Events. In our mobile society, it’s common for people to plan weddings that take place far from home. They need a local person to manage the details.
  5. Desire for a Unique, Personalized Event. Many clients seek out wedding planners because they want their special day to be different from everybody else’s.

Services Provided

A lot of weddings look effortless. Most guests know nothing of the hours and hours of preparation that go into creating a successful wedding day. People who choose the do-it-yourself approach often become exhausted and stressed out by all the details and wish, in retrospect, that they had sought professional help.

The following are some of our common services provided by our professional wedding planners.

  1. Coordinating a color scheme and overall “look” of an event.
  2. Creation of a budget and help sticking to it.
  3. Third-party objectivity and conflict resolution.
  4. Steering clients away from making costly mistakes.
  5. Knowledge of what is current and in style.
  6. Supplying fresh and unique ideas.
  7. Wedding vendor recommendations and contacts.
  8. Experience and knowledge of the field.
  9. Emotional hand-holding.
  10. Assistance with difficult decision making.

Our wedding planners are able to provide day-of-service event management. This means that our wedding planner coordinates the timing and vendor activities on the day of the event, and does all of the extensive event pre-planning. 

The thing to remember here is that our wedding planner can play as big or as small a role as the client wants. Our planner can create a wedding from top to bottom (or from engagement to honeymoon, as it were) or can handle just a small portion of the event, like the rehearsal dinner.

Whatever the situation, there’s no doubt that our clients get their money’s worth when they hire our wedding planners. 


Wedding Concepts = Themes

For our clients coming up with themes or concepts as we like to call them, has to do with really getting to know our clients. Sometimes the easiest way to come up with a theme is to come up with a color, object or favorite movie. It could be the focal point of your entire event. For example ombre colors are popular this year. Ombre is using one color in different shades to accent your wedding with linens, flowers, drapery and more. Your personalities come through your wedding. They are you times a thousand. Your wedding day will be one of the most sophisticated days of your life.