You + Maui Wholesale Blooms = Stunning DIY Wedding Flowers

It takes a special breed of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) brides to tackle and design your own wedding flowers. The benefits can be 100% worth it considering you'll get exactly what you want and save a ton of money at the same time.  

If you're contemplating your own DIY Wedding or Event, it's important to think about exactly what this will entail. 

  1. Come up with your design in advance. Research Pinterest for ideas & color combinations.
  2. Don't get to technical. Keep It Simple. The flowers will speak for themselves. 
  3. Figure out if you're going to buy your own vases or rent vases & containers from Maui Wholesale Blooms.
  4. Consult with Maui Wholesale Blooms for your desired flower varieties. Note: Some flowers are only seasonal!
  5. Arrange for help. Gather your bridesmaids, cousins, friends & family to assist you. Make it a pre-wedding party!
  6. Realistic Timing. Bouquets generally take about an hour to create. For centerpieces allow about 30 minutes per each one. Boutonnieres & corsages can be Hawaii leis instead!
  7. Transportation. Think about how you will transport your flowers from your design location to your venue. Get family & friends to help out. 
  8. View our DIY online videos (coming soon) or sign up for a DIY class with Maui Wholesale Blooms. 

For your full-service floral event needs, we work closely with Renee Thomas Designs.

Renee Thomas Designs is a full-service Floral Event company offering linen & chair rentals, tables, lighting, event management, prop decor and more.