World Cut Flower Trade

Virtually every country in the world produces some sort of floral product for domestic consumption. There are about 20 countries that also produce significant volumes of cut flowers and/or foliages for export. Four countries - Holland,Colombia, Italy and Israel --account for more than 90 percent of the world cut flower exports, with sixteen other countries accounting for the remaining 10 percent.


Exports do not necessarily coincide with production. This is due to the importing and resale for export of some crops. For example, Holland is the world's largest exporter of floral crops, while the United States ranks near the bottom of the top ten. Yet, the United States is the world's largest producer of floral crops, with Holland second. This discrepancy is based on the fact that the United States has a great domestic consumption of its products, plus a size-able amount of imports, whereas Holland has a surplus from both domestic production and imports, which it exports worldwide.

The top five floral producers (including cut flowers, foliages and pot plants), are the United States, Holland, (former) Federal Republic of Germany, France, and Italy. With the exception of Germany, these top producers are also in the top ten exporters.

The countries which import the greatest number of floral products are (former West) Germany, United States, France, Switzerland, Holland, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium/Luxembourg, and Sweden. The United States gets most of its imports from Colombia, while Holland gets most of its imports from Israel. Otherwise, Holland is the major supplying country to the remaining importing countries.